Unity Version Naming Convention Changes Unity2023 to Unity6

Unity Naming Convention Changes Unity2023 to Unity6

Last November, during the Unity Unite 2023 Keynote, Unity announced changes to their release naming convention. Starting with their next release, Unity 2023 LTS will become Unity 6.

What are the new names?

Unity 6 Beta (2023.3.0b11), 2023.1, and 2023.2. Coming up this Spring is Unity 6 Preview, the new name for what was previously known as the 2023.3 Tech Stream.


Unity will no longer add a suffix of LTS (Long Term Support) to the product name in favor of keeping it clean and simple. The next Unity release will simply be called Unity 6.

Where are the new changes visible?

Unity Editor 

    • Editor title bar: show the product name in addition to the product version.
      E.g. “… – Unity 6 Beta (6000.0.0b11)…”

    • About window: shows both the new product name and new product version.

Unity HUB

      • Installs tab: items listed show the new product name as well as the product version. E.g. Unity 6 Beta / 6000.0.0b11.
      • Projects tab: versions under the Editor Version column have the new version. E.g. 6000.0.0b11. Similarly, the Editor Version shown in the New project window.

Code / APIs

      • C# Version API: will return the new product version as is. E.g. “6000.0.0b11”
      • C# Preprocessor symbols: updated for new product version. E.g. UNITY_6000, UNITY_6000_0, UNITY_6000_0_OR_NEWER
      • Shader preprocessor symbols: is updated for 6000.0.0 according to the following scheme:
        #define UNITY_VERSION major*10.000.000 + minor*10.000 + patch
        60.000.000 for 6000.0.0b11
        60.021.234 for 6000.2.1234f1
        However, note that at this time it is still clamped to 202329 for 2023.2.9 (as it has been throughout the 2023.3 beta).

Release metadata / APIs

      • RSS feeds: existing RSS feeds show the new product versions. (e.g. 6000.0.0b11), but not the new product names.
      • GraphQL release API: Nodes in queries `getUnityReleases ()’ can now include a productName, which will be populated accordingly with the new product name (e.g. Unity 6 Beta). The existing version attribute will be populated with the new product version (e.g. 6000.0.0b11).

Web portals

      • Beta mini-site: now references the new product name and version number.
      • Unity download archive: no impact during beta, but will start showing a 6000.0 tab once Unity 6 Preview is released.
      • Issue Tracker: versions from 6000.0.0b11 will start showing, but 2023.3.0b1 to 2023.3.010 will remain. I.e. 6000.0.0b11 is a direct continuation of the same stream.


      • Additional support for “docs.unity3d.com/6/Documentation/Manual/index.html” will be added at a later date.
      • URLs pointing to “docs.unity3d.com/2023.3” will be redirected to “docs.unity3d.com/6000.0” automatically.
      • All mentions of 2023.3 within Unity documentation (including Package docs) will be updated with 6000.0 in phases in the coming weeks.
      • The label for Unity 6 used in the documentation version display and version switcher will refer to Unity 6 Beta, Unity 6 Beta (6000.0), or 6000.0, instead of 2023.3.

For More Info : https://forum.unity.com/threads/unity-6-new-naming-convention.1558592/